The Acrocanthosaurus (High-Spined Lizard) is the main antagonist Dino Crisis: City in Jeopardy. It appears frequently in the game and thwarts the player progression multiple times. It first appears when SORT lands in San Francisco and they are attacked by a pack of Nanotyrannus, but manage to escape them. As the presences of the Acrocanthosaurus scent, the Nanotyrannus flee, SORT member Ashley Simons takes a breath but the Acrocanthosaurus snaps down on her and eats her. Regina and Jay flee from it. It's rampages frees 3 Komodo Dragons where they all try to kill Regina and Jay, but are all stepped on by the beast.

Size Edit

It is 6 meters in height and 12.3 meters in length.

Kills Edit

  • Ashley Simons
  • 3 SORT members
  • 3 Komodo Dragons

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