Dino Crisis 4 is sequel to Dino Crisis 2 and prequel to Dino Crisis: City in Jeopardy. It occours when Regina returns with Jay Parsons to save Dylan and Paula Morton.

Plot Edit

Regina manages to have science team construct a portable Time Gate to allow her to return to Dylan in time. She recruits help from a rookie SORT member named Jay Parson, Rick, Ashley Simons, Harvey and Chelsea. During opening, Jay and Harvey bicker about manliness and end pressing the wrong knocking them out. After coming too they find out Regina is missing. They first enter the time gate complex and save Dylan while sending Paula back to their time. But the time gate device malfunction causing a pack of Dilophosaurus to appear and attack the team. The team make to a shack where they discover the bigger dinosaurs were manipulated by growth serums which explains the height difference with between the Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus. After that the helmet people intefere with their devise causing them to be transpoted to an alternate universe.

Protagonit and New Characters Edit

  • Jay Parson

Is the playable character and protagonist of Dino Crisis 4. He is a dinosaur and firearm enthuaist, and an expert in firearms. Regina employs his help to save Dylan and ends up redirect his mission to save her after meeting with Dylan.

  • Harvey

Harvey is the obnoxious member of SORT, whom has a crush on Regina. However due to his mistreatings of Jay, she doesn't reciprocate and admits he is repulsive. He is killed by Utahraptors.

  • Chelsea

Is Jay's 22 year old girlfriend and scientist. She is employed to help study the area and keep the Portable Time Gate devise in check. She is later devoured by the Carcharodontosaurus.

Dinosaurs Edit

  • Spinosaurus
  • Carcharodontosaurus

A 13m high Carnivore, the Carcharodontosaurus is the tertiary dinosaur antagonist and is one few dinosaurs that aren't genetically altered or created by humans.

  • Dilophosaurus
  • Utahraptor
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Majungasaurus
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

Fictional Dinosaurs Edit

  • Neurotaurus (meaning Neurotoxic Bull)

The Neurotaurus is the main dinosaur antagonist created by nature. It possess horns similar to Carnotaurus, teeth like a wolf neurotoxins in its canine-like front teeth and a head similar to the Nanotyrannus. It possesses three fingers, its 20 metres in height and 16 metres long. It first appears when it effortlessly kills the Spinosaurus.

  • Wadonosaurus (meaning Komodo Lizard)

A dinosaur created from the DNA of a Komodo Dragon, Goanna and bone marrow of a Carcharodontosaurus. It's 12.6 metres in height and 7 metres in length. It's a bipedal like the Carvharodontosaurus.

  • Alatadraco Rex (meaning Winged Dragon King)

A dinosaur/dragon created from the DNA of a Komodo Dragon, Frill-Neck Lizard, Pterodactyl and bone marrow of Carcharodontosaurus and a cassowary. It's 13 metres long (tail to nose) and 7 metres high (from hind feet to centre of back). Despite name it is more dinosaur than actual dragon due to its instincts.

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