Jacob Hawk is a new member of the government's S.O.R.T. team. He follows the events of Ibis Island and Edward City in the remakes and the anime version's of Dino Crisis and Dino Crisis 2. He also apparess in Dino Crisis 4 and Dino Crisis 5 as the main character.


Jacob Hawk is a member of S.O.R.T. along side Regina, Rick and Gail. His skills in combat are incredible and he has incredible pilot skills. As soon as Jacob joins the team he is trained by Regina. 


Revolver (Throw out Dino Crisis 4 and Dino Crisis 5)

M4A1 Carbin (Throw out Dino Crisis 4)

Grenade Launcher (Throw out Dino Crisis 4 and Dino Crisis 5)

Heavy Machine Gun (Throw out Dino Crisis 5)

Stungun (Throw out Dino Crisis 4)

Dino Crisis Remake QuotesEdit

Man and I thought Gail was an ass.

Jacob to Dr. Kirk

Well well well if it isn't tall dark and ugly.

Jacob to the T-rex

Dino Crisis 2 Remake QuotesEdit

Holly Crap you guys again.

Jacob to the velociraptors

Oh great tall dark and ugly again.

Jacob thinking that the t-rex is still alive after the events of Ibis Island.

Regina are all right?

Jacob asking if Regina is ok

Dylan run!

Jacob to Dylan after meeting the T-rex again.

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