Regina is the main protagonist of Dino Crisis I and the co-protagonist in the Dino Crisis II.


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Regina was a crack member of the Governments super covert intelligence agency S.O.R.T. (Secret Operation Raid Team.) Regina was a specialist in Undercover Ops, Infiltration, Espionage and Extermination. She was recognized for her heroic successful rescue of Dr. Kirk 1 year earlier. This was the reason the Government requested the services of Regina. Regina again plunged her self into a prehistoric battleground in a search for survivors who had been transported to the 3,000,000s (though believed to be the Mesezoic era) in a time shift accident.


Regina is a playable character in Namco X Capcom, an action RPG/tactical RPG hybrid developed by Monolith Soft, featuring characters from games produced by companies Namco and Capcom. She also appears as an alternate costume for Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, complete with a red wig.


Regina is the Latin, Italian and Romanian word meaning "Queen".

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