Their are two Tyrannosaurus (Tyrant Lizard King) in Dino Crisis: City in Jeopardy. The first is killed by a pack of Deinonychus, the second appears and battles with the Acrocanthosaurus, where it ultimately loses and is killed. They act as recurring character in the game. The Doe kills a Cave Bear and Smilodon, whereas the Buck kills a Deinosuchus and a swarm of Crocodile.

Size Edit

The Tyrannosaurus Doe is 6 meters in height and 12.3 meters in length, while the Tyrannosaurus buck was 5.9 meets in height and 12.3 meters in length.

Deaths caused Edit

  • Cave Bear (Doe)
  • Smilodon (Doe)
  • Deinosuchus (Buck)
  • Crocodile (Buck)

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